Pioneered by Dr. (HC) Ir. Ciputra, 36 years ago, CIPUTRA GROUP has become on of leading property company in Indonesia. The company widely known through its unique and modern concept. It can be seen in the whole architecture that we developed. By excellent reputation and expertise in development of residential and commercial projects, now the company gain trust from society to develop more than 40 projects spreading in 37 big cities across Indonesia and Asia included landed residentials, apartments, office towers, shopping centers, hotels, golf course, schools, and hospitals.

CIPUTRA GROUP is very concern about their resources, especially human resources that will be joining us in this family. Through philosophy and great value of INTEGRITY, PROFESSIONALISM and ENTERPRENEURSHIP, the company not only run the project due to target but also maintaining quality and beauty. Nowadays, the company has project portfolio and amount of large area that makes it as one of the biggest and most diversified companies in Indonesia in terms of product, location, and market segment. As a company committed to give an benefit and social impact on the communities, we focus on developing and enriching our people in conformity with company values and cultures.

Deskripsi Pekerjaan :

  • Melakukan koordinasi, mereview, dan memberikan masukan terkait dengan desain dari konsultan perencana
  • Melakukan review shopdrawing dari semua kontraktor
  • Melakukan review dan memberi masukan terkait spesifikasi teknis serta kebutuhan material
  • Mengantisipasi dan memberikan solusi terhadap setiap masalah yang timbul selama kegiatan di lapangan berlangsung
  • Mencari alternatif metoda pekerjaan yang sesuai dengan kondisi lapangan untuk mengurangi resiko pekerjaan
  • Membuat Site Instruction terkait perubahan desain secara global
  • Mereview As Built Drawing, operation manual dan semua dokumen terkait damker, izin,dan SLF dari semua kontraktor atau supplier untuk pengajuan SLF atau izin
Persyaratan :
  • Minimal pendidikan S1 Mechanical / Electrical
  • Minimal pengalaman 5 tahun dibidang yang sama
  • Bersedia ditempatkan di Batam

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