GUHRING HSS Twist Drill Set 25PC in Case 1.0-13.0×0.5mm

GUHRING HSS Twist Drill Set 25PC is available in sizes 1.0-13.0×0.5mm, Guhring determines the most economically efficient drill bit option. HSS drill set from Guhring 201 series is made in accordance with DIN 338 Type N standards. For steel and cast steel drill applications, gray cast iron, spheroidal iron and graphite. Cutting angle 118 °.

You can use this drill bit for applications in manual machines, semi-CNC milling, drill press, lathes or lathes and combinations in machining centers that have multi-axis CNC fuels. This GUHRING drill bit has typical German quality and is commonly used for a variety of machining camshafts, crankshafts, drive shafts, injectors, drill pipes, etc.

GUHRING HSS Twist Drill Set Features 25PC in Case 1.0-13.0×0.5mm:

  • DIN 338 standard specifications from German HSS material for maximum rigidity and durability

  • Material application in metal alloyed steels, free cutting steels, tool steels, stainless steels, cast iron, brass, bronze, copper, magnesium, plastic and Hardened steels.

  • Provided in canned metal cases of various diameters and lengths for better chip evacuation in steel and iron material drilling applications.

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